Grandmother's Devil & Other Tempting Tales

From the pen of fiction writer Marty Malin comes a collection of unconventional stories about six imaginary grandmothers doing what they do best: caring for their loved ones and trying to keep them out of trouble.

These are not the author's grandmothers. Perhaps they are yours. Perhaps not. It doesn't really matter.

These stories will capture your imagination. The grandmothers will steal your heart!

Praise for Grandmother's Devil

"If you like delightful, surprising stories, this little book will not disappoint. Don't let the title throw you too far, or do, and get ready for the sharp left and right turns, and skidmarks."

"Grandmother's Devil has 6 tales, all so uniquely and beautifully written you'll feel a pang of sadness when you finish reading one because it has ended. I found myself tearing up after reading the first story, Grandmother Sits, and then laughing in victory after reading Grandmother, Naked. Marty Malin is a wonderful author."


"These … provocative stories from the fertile mind of writer Marty Malin are the stuff of dreams and fantasies. 'Grandmother's Devil' will put new, imaginative impressions on an aspect of your family life that's often maligned. You'll never look at your grandmother in the same way again."

"Spicy and fun …If you feel you know what a grandmother is and should be, you are about to have your world expanded. … Well written, well-presented, and piquant in taste, I would recommend it for an evening in the armchair to anyone who appreciates the many vagaries of the human race, or just likes a good yarn."